CNC Router

I purchase a Shapeoko 2 CNC router kit back in 2014 and it has helped make so many different parts on the Colorado Front Range Railroad. It has made scratch building incredibly easy.


Many upgrades have been made to the machine from the original kit. I burned up the original Dremel used as the spindle on the machine. It has since been replace with a 24VDC DC silent drive spindle motor that runs up to 9000 RPM. Additional parts include drag chains for wire management, a safety shutoff switch, and spindle speed controller. All the electronics are mounted below the machine in two purpose built drawers. The machine runs off of standard G-code generated from a program called CamBam.

CamBam is the Computer-Aided Machining (CAM) program used to generate the G-code to run the machine from the CAD drawing I develop.


Control electronics with cooling fans. An Ardiuno uno drives the whole system


Sacrificial Table with mounting holes

A sample image of a refinery part being cut out on the machine