Room Preparation (Dickinson, Texas Layout)

This was the game room in the house. It needed several changed to make it a viable train room.

I first installed tracking light to make working in the room much easier. I also installed some home automation devices (a z-wave controlled wall switch and outlet). I did this so I did not have to unplug and replug in the lower level lights when they are installed. They will operate off of the wall switch.

My Fiance and I then painted the room blue to simulate the sky.

When moving into the new house, I received a suggestion from a family member that I install and easy-to-clean surface. I did just that and installed a engineered wood floor. I removed the carpet, carpet pad and molding from the room. I then installed the new flooring and replaced the molding. It was great learning experience on how to do flooring! The hardest part was the angle where the carpet meets the wood.