DCC Power

The CFRR is powered by DCC from Digitrax. The layout is broken down into seven main power districts. There are three power districts on each level and one for the helix. Each district has a DCC specialties PSX-1 solid state circuit breaker to protect the block. Two PSX-AR's are used on the layout to handle reversing loops. The main room uses the command station (a DCS-240) for power. The second room uses a booster (a DB-100+) for power.

The power supply is a 15VDC 8 Amp power supply for the DCS-240 and a 15 VAC 5 Amp power supply for the DB100+.. Two 30 amp 12 volt power supplies provide auxiliary power to the layout for accessories.

Fourteen (14) gauge solid core wire is used for the main buses throughout the layout. Twenty-two gauge solid wire is used for feeders to the track. The feeder wires have been precut to eleven inch lengths to speed installation.

The track wiring color code is as follows:

  • Red: for general track wiring (spurs and non-detected track), power from command station to power distribution nodes

  • White: is mainline between sidings, Green is

  • Green: Mainline in Passing sidings

  • Blue: Passing Sides

  • Black: Common Return line

  • Small Gauge blue: Frog power

Accessory wiring color code is as follows:

  • Red: +12 VDC

  • Yellow: +5 VDC

  • White: Ground

Below is conceptual propulsion circuitry diagram for the main control circuits of the layout.

Below is the actual circuit diagram and photo of the actual circuits.

I recently "inherited" a few Digitrax PM-42 circuit breakers and wired them up. This was from my previous layout. These are no longer used and have been replaced with PSX circuit breakers.

Below is the diagrams of the feeder locations throughout the layout.

Upper Level

Lower Level:

At this time the Lower Level Diagrams are not complete

Staging Level:

At this time the Staging Level Diagrams are not complete