Colorado Front Range Railroad

About the Railroad:

The Colorado Front Range Railroad (CFRR) is a freelanced HO scale layout which is currently located to Puyallup, Washington. The CFRR is joint venture operating company, established in December of 1985, that was formed as 50/50 partnership by the Rio Grande and Burlington Northern to service all the local traffic in Denver and its surrounding communities. The CFRR leases power primarily from the Rio Grande and the Burlington Northern, but do own a few of their own locomotives. The CFRR operates out of the Burnham Shops and uses the Rio Grande's North Yard as its primary interchange facility. Service on the CFRR extends From Commerce City, Colorado to Golden, Colorado, as well as servicing the local industries of Denver. The Coor Brewery Railroad is also represented on the Layout and Interchanges with Colorado Front Range Railroad in Golden.

The layout has been constructed in an ~700 square foot space in the finished basement. The layout occupies two rooms and has 3 levels.